Beer from Orel became the key winner of the leading brewing competition in Russia!!!

Doubt? So, let’s go for a brewery trip with Roman Kozlov to observe the brewing process of the mentioned super-beer.

Few are aware that at the end of 2020 the awarding of winners of “ROSGLAVPIVO® - 2020 – the Best Beer of Russia” took place in the Moscow State Food University. 143 brewing companies have been registered to the competition. 75 beer sommeliers estimated quality and taste of beers from Russia and CIS countries.


Dear colleagues,

Filing of applications to “ROSGLAVPIVO® —2021” - the Best Beer of Russia” continues.

As of 15.02.2021, 181 beers of 57 brewing companies of the RF, including craft and home brewing have been registered to the competition.


Dear colleagues,

Due to the introduced restrictive measures aimed at preventing COVID-19 including the ban on entering Russia and unfavorable epidemiological situation for holding V meeting of the Expert jury of the Russian brewing competition ROSGLAVPIVO® - the Best Beer of Russia, XI International forum “Wine and brewing industries of the RF 2030 – a future outlook” and V beauty pageant “Beer Queen of Russia”, the Union decided to postpone mentioned activities to October 2021.



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