First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Lipetsk Region

Nikolay Tagintsev

Graduated from Voronezh Agricultural Institute in specialty of “mechanic engineer”, Ph.D. in Economics.

In 1976 - Mechanic engineer of the farm “Elets-Lozovsky”, Khlevensky district, the Lipetsk Region.

From 1978 – Chief engineer of the farm “Dmitryashevsky”, Director of the farm “Elets-Lozovsky”, Khlevensky district, the Lipetsk Region

In 1985 – Chairman of the district executive committee, Chairman of People’s Deputy Council

From 1993 to 1998 – Head of the Khlevensky Administration

From April 1998 – Deputy Head of the Lipetsk Administration, was responsible for agricultural and forestry management, food and ecological industry

On April 9, 2009 - Head of the forestry department, the Lipetsk Region